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Safety is your focus as a technical service

As a TD person, you encounter technical challenges on a daily basis. Experience shows that if you get a problem right, you won't run into the same problem over and over again. Working from inspection to inspection is a thing of the past with PoolFIX fasteners. 

"Another list of 80 action items after an inspection. You have limited time to address these action items all at once. But you know that if you do not eliminate them you will have more action items again the next inspection. So it is of lasting importance that you make the right choice of material in PoolFIX or 1.4529 so that you can continue worry-free for years to come.

The technical department, inspector and municipal manager. Everyone has an interest in a durable technical solution for every assembly or suspension in your pool. So that your bathers can enjoy a safe environment without worries.

Unfortunately, every month we still encounter situations where speakers, light fixtures or information boards fall down due to corrosion. Not only due to stainless steel fasteners but more and more due to galvanized fasteners which quickly rust through. A quick cheap solution to get through an inspection becomes expensive with all the risks for the bathers beforehand.

"PoolFIX® leverde altijd inclusief certificaat."


With your delivered goods you will receive a certificate. This certificate is linked to the delivery note on which the goods you have received are described. This certificate can be requested at any time. Even if your records are lost, the certificates delivered will show which goods meet the PoolFIX® standard. You can therefore use these fixing articles without any worries, and the PoolFIX® brand guarantees that the products can be used safely around your swimming pool. Pool FIX® guarantees traceability within the supply chain. 

Do you have any questions or technical challenges? Contact us for advice!  

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PooLFIX swimming pool suspension bolts nuts washers 1.4529

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Get your quote today for secure bolts, screws and nuts with certificate for your pool! PoolFIX 5th generation or 1.4529 material. 

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