PooLFIX pools suspension bolts nuts washers flange connections

As an installer, you choose security

Construction, modification and maintenance of technical installations become more challenging as soon as it deals with a highly corrosive pool environment. Your choices in mounting materials for flange connections, lighting, speakers, signs and so on can have short- or long-term consequences. Of course, you choose the right materials so you can be sure for the future.

Whether it is piping, flanges, air handling ducts or cable trays, everything has a lifespan in a swimming pool. Choosing the right materials extends this lifespan and thus the safety of the installation. Since an inspector cannot inspect everything annually, the weakest links must be examined on a random basis. As an installer, you have the choice of duuzame materials so that the customer has peace of mind in your completed installation.

"PoolFIX® provides extremely high corrosion resistance for longer life of your system."

Also in technical areas

Often people focus only on the swimming areas and forget about the technical areas. More and more inspectors are focusing on safety in these technical areas. You probably have experience with cutting a bolt connection at the bottom of a flange connection. That is a thing of the past with PoolFIX. With PoolFIX, you can easily assemble and disassemble the fastener after many years.. 

PooLFIX pools suspension bolts nuts washers wall lights EVA OPTIC
Flange connections PoolFIX in basement of pool pipes

Do you also choose security?

Get your quote today for secure bolts, screws and nuts with certificate for your pool! PoolFIX 5th generation or 1.4529 material. 

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Pool FIX®

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