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As a contractor, quality comes naturally

As a contractor, you can make a difference by correctly informing your client about material choices during a renovation or new construction. Swimming pools and adjacent buildings have different requirements. After all, a swimming location is built for sustainable use.

Use of HLP panels (Tespa) 

The use of Trespa (HLP sheets) is a good maintenance-free choice. However, which cannot be glued inside a swimming pool. No bonding gives the guarantee within a swimming pool that it is resistant to the fumes released by the swimming water. Therefore, you must always secure your tespa plates with a screw in the right quality (no stainless steel screws!). PoolFIX supplies Trespa screws in any RAL color. 

Steel constructions 

The choice of treatment for your steel construction is relatively easy because of the large layer thicknesses that can be applied. These coating systems are not possible on fasteners such as bolts nuts and screws because of the low fit they offer. If more than 20 microns is applied to a bolt, the nut will already no longer be gangable. Coated steel structures have a coating thickness of 180-450 microns.

Hot-dip galvanized (HDG) fasteners. 

The use of hot-dip galvanized fasteners with an indoor pool is not recommended. Due to the higher humidity, there is no opportunity for the hot-dip zinc to form a solid patina layer, therefore corrosion resistance is limited. The advantage of thermal zinc bolts is the clearly recognizable and visible corrosion.

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"Bolts nuts and screws from Pool FIX® are supplied with a certificate."

Trespa screw 6x40mm

Trespa screw in groove Poolfix NPR building code yellow green vrkt

No adhesive guarantees resistance to the fumes released from swimming water. 

Large volume RAL color

Trespa HPL screws in color green poolfix pools

Available from stock the standard finished PoolFIX quality trespas screw. Finished in any RAL color.

HPL screw GeelGroen

Secure your HPL cladding with a screw in the right quality (not stainless steel screws!). Supplied by PoolFIX with certificate. 

Safety assurance with BERT

Stainless steel fasteners were chosen in the past because they had a longer life than standard galvanized bolts. Stainless steel fasteners have been banned from use in swimming pool environments since 2015. Commercial standard fasteners are mostly used. This is a solution, however, very labor-intensive as they quickly show corrosion and must be replaced regularly. We have already seen several times that the technical department has a full-time job on the continuous replacement of bolts and nuts. You cannot show rust on your playground equipment to your customers. Pool FIX® fasteners extend this life extremely. 

You will receive a certificate with your delivered goods. This certificate is linked to the delivery note on which the goods you have received are described. This certificate can be requested at any time. Even if your records are lost, the certificates delivered will show which goods meet the PoolFIX® standard. You can therefore use these fixing articles without any worries, and the Pool FIX® brand guarantees that the products can be used safely around your swimming pool. Pool FIX® guarantees traceability within the supply chain. 

Trespa HPL screws in color green poolfix pools
PooLFIX swimming pool suspension bolts nuts washers EVA Optic
PooLFIX swimming pool suspension bolts nuts washers 1.4529

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Get your quote today for secure bolts, screws and nuts with certificate for your pool! PoolFIX 5th generation or 1.4529 material. 

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