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We strive for safety in your pool, for this we supply materials that meet the guidelines and legislation in which we provide a certificate so you can rest assured of a safe application. In fact, everything that is not standard in stock is a special, but we process it just like a regular product to the highest standards.

In addition to standard fasteners for your swimming pool, PoolFIX® provides customized solutions against corrosion, investigation and inspection following accident leads or to prevent personal injury.

Safety cables pool poolfix suspension

Safety cables for lighting

PoolFIX provides standard and custom safety cables for lighting fixtures, speakers, signs and air handling systems. Parallel to the existing suspension. To provide additional security in case of emergency. 

Corrosion protection

With a sheathed wire rope finished with the PoolFIX fasteners, moisture has no chance of affecting the wire rope. 

Available in any length

Standard lengths: 500 / 1000 / 1200mm and any project length available. Short delivery times, tested and certificate included. 

Universally applicable

With its easy closure, the safety cable can be easily mounted around an object. 

Ligno trend screw

Lignotrend screws pool Poolfix cladding HPL middle

Especially for Lignotrend cladding, these screws 3x40mm are made of PoolFIX with black head so that they do not stand out in the construction. The width of the head is 5.8mm so it fits exactly between the slots. 

Custom safety cables

Safety cables pool poolfix suspension

Despite using proper suspension materials, a hard hit from a ball can be fatal to a structure. Custom-made safety cables to provide additional security in case of emergency. 

Heavy brackets

Speaker bracket pool poolfix

Heavy-duty bracket for a large speaker on a steel frame finished with an extra anti-corrosion coating in black to make it resistant to corrosion in a hard-to-reach position for a long time. 

"Even if it's special, we think with you to an appropriate safe solution."


Even today, lighting fixtures, speakers, signs or trespa panels fall down in a public swimming pool with regularity (5x(!) in 2022). The past has taught us that we must handle these closely to prevent personal injury. Liability in this will take a whole new turn starting in 2023. The contractor is jointly responsible for safety within a swimming pool. The choice of materials in this is crucial, with certificates to prove that the right choices were made.

Stainless fasteners are very sensitive to chlorine. For example, if AISI 316 (A4) stainless steel comes into contact with chlorinated water, the chlorine will locally attack the protective layer of chromium oxide. A pitting then occurs, where more chlorine ions collect again. After which, stress corrosion corrosion causes unpredictable fractures. In addition, the use of electrolytic or hot-dip galvanized fasteners is also short-lived. Because of the reactions of chlorine and ozone, in a humid environment this process is further accelerated. Because of their disinfecting (read: oxidizing) effect, sodium hypochlorite and ozone are added to swimming pool water.

Current legislation requires metal suspension structures and fasteners in swimming pools to comply with the 2012 Building Code.  In summary, the use of A2 or A4 grade stainless steel is ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED.  Article 5.12 and/or the NPR9200:2015. The new Royal Decree of July 3, 2018 concerns the rules on structures in the physical environment.  The Bbl is the successor to the 2012 Building Decree, the entry into force of the Bbl will be introduced through the new Environment Act.  Since 2022, the Quality Assurance Act is in force. This means concretely for the swimming pool industry: stricter construction supervision for new construction and renovation and a better liability scheme. The most important changes:

- Independent quality inspectors check whether a building meets the legal technical requirements. They do this during design and at the construction site.

- The contractor is responsible for the consequences of any construction defects he has caused himself. If there are defects, the client can force the contractor to fix the mistakes. Even if the client does not discover these faults until later.

Inspections should prevent personal injury. This through a completion inspection after remodeling/new construction for material choices and annual inspections to ensure safety. Note; these annual inspections are a snapshot and the operator has the responsibility to continuously ensure safety.

According to ISO 9223:1992 and ISO 12944, you will be slapped around with specifications regarding the surface treatment of structures. Everyone knows that in a swimming pool there are special air compositions that promote corrosion. You can see from the simple math that 130μm layer thickness, cannot be applied to fasteners. With an average fitting range of 6 - 20micron, there is no room for it.

If you are looking for reliable safe surface treatment, PoolFIX's fasteners are recommended. Their years of proven quality has recently been taken to the 5th generation for long lasting durability in your pool. Do you have mounting points within the splash water zone? Then the use of the resistant material 1.4529 is recommended. When delivering your mounting items, consider whether you will receive a certificate for safe use in your pool application. This will guarantee you during future inspections.

PoolFIX black

Black Nut poolf poolfix

Some projects require a black finish. We can also finish bolts, nuts and brackets in black. 

HPL Trespa Screws

Trespa HPL screw pool

Trespa screws supplied in any RAL color provided in trusted PoolFIX quality. The use of stainless steel screws is not permitted.  

Plastic isolatoren

Bolt screw nut pool

Ask our assembly advice for handling your fasteners. We always have a suitable solution. 

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Get your quote today for secure bolts, screws and nuts with certificate for your pool! PoolFIX 5th generation or 1.4529 material. 

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