Meet BERTTM , online management.

New since 2022: Quality Assurance Act. Maintaining and inspecting your pool involves a lot of information. Meet Bert the online management platform for safety assurance of your swimming pool. Inspection processes, checklists, responsibilities and certificates, everything is recorded per pool per location.

The technical department, inspector and municipal manager. This way, no one has to spend a long time searching for data. With assigning tasks and responsibilities, everyone always has real-time safety status at hand.

Bert is ready for the Quality Assurance Act. Easily integrate checklists, and inspection rounds on a floor plan and take pictures of situations. No excel lists or piles of reports on your desk. Complete digital control over your data. You can no longer forget points of attention, as it is digitally recorded who is responsible for what. Has a repair or replacement been carried out? By means of a photo the data and certificates are linked. And you can see the completed points in real time from any location. 

BERTTM, manage easily.

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"Carbon steel bolts provided with Pool FIX® treatment are supplied with certificate."

Safety assurance with BERT

Stainless steel fasteners were chosen in the past because they had a longer life than standard galvanized bolts. Stainless steel fasteners have been banned from use in swimming pool environments since 2015. Commercial standard fasteners are mostly used. This is a solution, however, very labor-intensive as they quickly show corrosion and must be replaced regularly. We have already seen several times that the technical department has a full-time job on the continuous replacement of bolts and nuts. You cannot show rust on your playground equipment to your customers. Pool FIX® fasteners extend this life extremely. 

You will receive a certificate with your delivered goods. This certificate is linked to the delivery note on which the goods you have received are described. This certificate can be requested at all times. Even if your records are lost, the delivered certificates will show which goods meet the Pool FIX® standard. So you can use these fixing articles without any worries, and the Pool FIX® brand guarantees that the products can be used safely around your swimming pool. Pool FIX® guarantees traceability within the supply chain. 

BERT security software by Poolfix
BERT security software by Poolfix
Logiciel de sécurité BERT de Poolfix

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Get your quote today for secure bolts, screws and nuts with certificate for your pool! PoolFIX 5th generation or 1.4529 material. 

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