Building Decree 2012 Section 5.12 - NPR 9200:2015 - Building Works Decree Bbl - Quality Assurance Act - DIN EN 15288-1:2019-05.

Current legislation requires metal suspension structures and fasteners in swimming pools to comply with the 2012 Building Code. 

In summary, the use of A2 or A4 grade stainless steel is ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED. 

Article 5.12 and/or the NPR9200:2015. The new royal decree of July 3, 2018 concerns the rules on structures in the physical environment.  The Bbl is the successor to the Building Decree 2012, the entry into force of the Bbl will be introduced via the new Environment Act probably in 2022.  For worry-free application of fasteners in swimming pool environments, you can now choose PoolFIX®!

The Quality Assurance Act has been in force since 2022. This means in concrete terms for the swimming pool sector: stricter construction supervision for new construction and renovation and an improved liability scheme. The government is introducing a new system of quality assurance. The most important changes:
- Independent quality inspectors check whether a building meets the legal technical requirements. They do this during design and at the construction site. These inspectors are called quality assurance officers.
- The contractor is responsible for the consequences of any construction defects he has caused himself. If there are defects, the customer can force the contractor to fix the mistakes. Even if the customer does not discover these faults until later.

It is important in the new construction or renovation process to choose a good project follow-up. For this purpose, Pool FIX has developed silimme software: BERT. Please contact us for the possibilities.

Certificate NPR9200 Building Code 2012 PoolFIX
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What should NOT be used in your swimming pool area? 
The use of stainless steel types (RVS) as A2 or A4 (AISI304 / AISI316) quality is prohibited around the splash zone, swimming hall, adjacent and technical areas. 

What type of bolts, nuts and screws are you ALLOWED to use in your pool? 
PoolFIX fasteners are highly suitable for atmosphere and technical areas. For splash zones and underwater, we supply the high-quality 1.4529 material.

Do you also choose security?

Get your quote today for secure bolts, screws and nuts with certificate for your pool! PoolFIX 5th generation or 1.4529 material. 

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