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Fasteners such as bolts, nuts, screws and related items specifically for safe use in your swimming pool. 

As you know, the use of stainless or stainless steel is prohibited and dangerous. Do you no longer know what you can and cannot use? Choose PoolFIX® and you are guaranteed safe fixings in your pool.

PoolFIX® guarantees quality, reliability and traceability within your pool.  Supplied with certificate. 


The screw that every safe swimming pool needs!

Fastening articles that comply with Building Code 2012 - NPR-9200 - Bbl 2022 and Quality Assurance Act with the highest quality for your swimming pool.

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"Since our first experience with PoolFIX®, we don't want anything else. Pool Inspector"

All PoolFIX products are manufactured with meticulous knowledge to meet the best requirements for use in your pool application. We strive for convenience and speed so that we can also quickly provide you with the right materials for your next request or order. PoolFIX products contribute to a safe swimming environment.

The use of stainless steel fasteners is prohibited. By providing carbon steel bolts, screws and nuts with the proper surface treatment, it guarantees the most reliable fastening solution. The fasteners you receive are supplied with PoolFIX® certificate which can easily be included in your records. PoolFIX® guarantees traceability within the supply chain. 

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The certificates provided by PoolFIX offer you peace of mind and security. With over 18 years of experience in fasteners with specialization in material selection and surface treatment, PoolFIX is the right partner to advise you on your swimming pool issue. You will always receive an original certificate delivered with your products, security during inspection. You can add this certificate to your administration in case of a (repeat) inspection to prove that you have used the correct materials.

Special suspension pool PoolFIX


Every building or facility has different challenges, colors, materials, or new innovations in perception. Gladly PoolFIX will work with you to provide durable safe suspension materials for your unique project! 


Renovation or new construction both bring different challenges. If you inform us about the work in good time or ask for advice at an early stage, we can help you choose the right material without availability stress. Our wide range of products allows us to deliver quickly from stock, however, due to complex processing, delivery times for specials can sometimes increase. 

PooLFIX pools suspension bolts nuts washers 2

PoolFIX vs 1.4529 

The use of stainless steel A1, A2, A4 or A5 (304 / 316) fasteners is prohibited because of their susceptibility to stress corrosion cracking. The best alternative for a durable connection is to choose PoolFIX fasteners. However, these coated articles are not resistant to everything, the use of heavy disinfectants such as hydrogen peroxide to disinfect are not a problem for PoolFIX quality, provided it is rinsed immediately with clean tap water. However, this is not always possible, which can cause the coating to "soften" and result in premature corrosion. To avoid this phenomenon, 1.4529 is used for the splash water zone of starting blocks and below the water line. This special type of stainless steel (much less sensitive to stress corrosion corrosion) is only available in bolts and nuts, not on screws. Since stress corrosion corrosion cannot be excluded, material 1.4529 should be replaced every 5 years. PoolFIX supplies both materials with certificate so you are assured of a safe choice. 

PooLFIX swimming pool suspension bolts nuts washers EVA Optic

PoolFIX coated

PooLFIX swimming pool suspension bolts nuts washers 1.4529

PoolFIX 1.4529

Quality Assurance Law

"Registration and follow-up of renovation even more important."

The Quality Assurance Act has been in effect since 2022. This means concretely for the swimming pool industry: stricter construction supervision for new construction and renovation and a better liability scheme. The government is introducing a new system of quality assurance. The most important changes: If there are defects, the customer can force the contractor to fix the mistakes. Even if the customer does not discover these faults until later.

Trespa HPL screws in color green poolfix pools

Regeling Bouwbesluit

20-06-2016 See the Government Gazette for regulation of Building Code by Minister Blok, Minister for Housing and Public Service.

Pool safety

Subject letter to members second chamber regarding Safety in Dutch indoor swimming pools from chairman NACE benelux. 

TNO Report stainless steel

Methodology for a good approach to inspecting and assessing stainless steel parts (page 35) download via Read more

Canary swimming pool

RVS is like a canary in a coal mine, MAC value poison gas chloramine is exceeded many times in swimming pools.

Duty to investigate

Since July 1, 2016, swimming pools have been required by law to investigate the presence of stainless steel (SS) fasteners.

After 30 years of solution

Regulation of the Minister published under number 2016-0000354250, amendment of the Construction Decree Regulation regarding the safety of swimming pools. 

Replacing bolts PoolFIX construction pool NPR 9200


Most assemblies are assembled by using bolts, nuts and screws. When these fastener items are the weakest link, they will fail prematurely. Because thick protective coatings are difficult to apply, high-tech surface treatments are used for this purpose. This is not just limited to nuts and bolts, brackets and clamps can also be treated so that they can accomplish a long safe service life. PoolFIX® 5th generation fasteners have been developed specifically for swimming pool applications. 

Shown here on the left are bolts that have been replaced with PoolFIX® . 


"The PoolFIX® bolts in our roof structure ensure worry-free swimming fun for our bathers."


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